In an effort to promote literacy and deepen the 
understanding of early Connecticut among students 
at Metacomet School, the Bloomfield Rotary Club 
donated copies to each student of the book “Sybil 
Ludington’s Midnight Ride” by Marsha Amstel.
This is the fifth consecutive year that the Rotary 
donated books to the 260 third and fourth graders 
at Metacomet School. Rotary President Elect Micheal 
Johnson, Membership Chair Mark Weisman, Board of 
Education Chairman Donald Harris, Jr. and 
Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Thompson 
Jr. were in attendance on December 1, 2015 for the 
book presentation.

The book is the story of a brave 16-year-old girl 
named Sybil Ludington, who rode her horse through 
the night to warn the American soldiers that the 
British were coming during the American Revolution. 
Rotarians returned to Metacomet School on March 
24, 2016 to read with the students. Their presence 
reinforced the mindset that giving back to one’s 
community is one of the highest forms of service.